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7 Tips For Choosing The Best Silver Jewelry

As we all know, silver jewelry is deeply loved by everyone for its fashionable and beautiful features. But there are many online stores selling silver jewelry in the market, making it difficult for us to find the best quality jewelry. So, how we should choose silver jewelry that suits us plays an extremely important role. The following are some tips for choosing silver jewelry, let’s take a look!

  1. Look at colors

The higher the purity of silver, the whiter the color. Silver with a silver content of more than 95% can be as white and flawless as snow. The surface of the jewelry will look uniform, shiny and polished. If the jewelry contains lead, it will appear blue-grey; if the jewelry contains copper, the surface will appear rough and the color will not be moist.

  1. Check the color

From the appearance, the surface of the silver jewelry is delicate, slightly yellowish silver-white, bright and has a soft metallic luster. It can be judged that the silver content is above S925 standard silver; it will turn black over time, and imitations will not turn black.

  1. Weigh the weight

The density of silver is slightly higher than that of common metals. Generally speaking, “aluminum is light, silver is heavy, and copper is neither light nor heavy.” Therefore, weighing the weight can make a preliminary judgment whether it is silver. If the jewelry is large in size And if it’s light in weight, then it definitely can’t be made of silver!

silver jewelry
7 Tips For Choosing The Best Silver Jewelry 4
  1. Judge the hardness

The hardness of silver is Mohs 2.5, so the purer the silver, the softer it will be. You can also use a pin to scratch an inconspicuous place on the silver jewelry. If traces are left but are not too obvious, you can initially determine that it is silver. .

  1. Listen to the rhyme

Generally speaking, the sound of standard silver jewelry is dull and does not bounce when it lands; if it is made of copper, the sound is high and sharp; the rhyme is sharp and short; if it is made of lead or tin, the sound is dull, short, and has no elasticity.

  1. Look at the production process

Regular brand products should be fine and beautiful. For example, the surface is soft and bright, the shape is regular and defect-free, the inlay is smooth and does not scratch clothes, does not prick hands, and is not loose; the jewelry pattern is delicate and clear, the lines are smooth, and there is no smudging; the frosted surface is evenly sandblasted and bright without particles.

  1. Choose what suits you

People with round faces should choose longer earrings, which can effectively lengthen your face visually; people with pointed faces, such as oval faces, are recommended to wear round earrings when choosing earrings, which will visually lengthen your face. The effect is to make your face look plumper.

Best Silver Jewelry

I hope the above tips for choosing silver jewelry will be helpful to you when purchasing silver jewelry. At gulingshops we specialize in the finest and most authentic silver jewelry. You can buy silver jewelery with confidence from our extensive collection.

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