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Necklace Matching Mnemonic! Quickly Save!


Hurry and bookmark this article! Otherwise, you won’t be able to find it! Simple matching mnemonic to help you easily master matching skills! Low neckline – Short necklace (length above the neckline)High neckline – Long necklace (60-70cm)Thick top – Thick…

How to choose the best necklaces

How to choose the best necklaces

Do you often find yourself confused about how to pick the best necklaces, most suitable necklace? Nowadays, the market is flooded with a plethora of pendant necklace styles and lengths, which can be very overwhelming. Of course, choosing the best…

How To Measure Bracelet Sizes

bracelet sizes

Are you looking for a guide on how to measure bracelet sizes? Congratulations, you have found us. We are going to share some measuring tips for free to all our friends. Bracelet Sizes Tool First, you need to prepare an…

How To Measure A Necklace Size

necklace size

How do you know your necklace size? And how to measure the length of chain that fits around your neck? First you need to take a long piece of string and wrap it around your neck, or it will be…

How To Get Custom Jewelry

Handmade custome jewelry

Are you looking for custom jewelry that is simply customized and looks very glamorous? GULING offers such customized jewelry! Also more surprises! We don’t just offer customization of names, letters of the alphabet, horoscopes, etc., we also offer custom pet…

How To Store Silver Jewelry

how to store silver jewelry

How to store silver jewelry? I’ve seen a lot of friends seeking the easiest way to care for their silver jewellery. Especially the last few pointers you’ve never seen before! How to store silver jewelry So how to store silver…

Stories Beneath The Shell Don’t Miss

stories beneath the shell

Stories Beneath The Shell you must be interested. Don’t believe it? Let’s move on the shell tirp now. Stories Beneath The Shell Origin At that time, only the most primitive arthropods, such as trilobites, still existed on earth. But since…

Crafting Beauty: The World of Handmade Rings

IMG 1218 2

Handmade rings have an allure and charm that mass-produced jewelry simply can’t replicate. In this blog, we’ll delve into the fascinating realm of handcrafted rings, from clay rings to crystal and butterfly rings. With a wide array of styles to…

Circling Elegance: The Mesmerizing World of Ring

Pin background

The Allure of Rings: A Timeless Accessory. Rings have been symbols of love, commitment, and style for centuries. In this blog, we’ll explore the diverse world of rings, including pure silver rings, pearl rings, handmade creations, clay rings, crystal rings,…