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Exclusive Brand
Our brand is currently an exclusive brand and we are the only one in the overseas market. Put an end to counterfeiting and protect consumers' rights more effectively.
We advocate the concept of green environmental protection, use environmentally friendly recyclable packaging, recycle natural waste, and create value again: the raw materials come from natural shells.
Unique Features
High quality; new styles; many varieties; exquisite craftsmanship; nature's jewelry; adjustable to various sizes and worn in various ways.
Loyal & Reliable & Solution
Guling is loyal, reliable and has a good concept of cooperation. We are also very friendly and approachable. We respect every friend and guest equally. We take the questions and suggestions from our customers very seriously! We create creative solutions for our clients.
Safe & Quality
Strict quality control and special packaging with cleaning and after-sales instructions make it more elegant and fashionable. The sense of responsibility for pursuing excellence is immersed in brand works, craftsmanship and service quality.
Customized Services
We offer custom jewelry services !!!! Let you participate in the jewelry creation process to create your own natural jewelry. If you have any customization needs, you can contact us at any time, such as the twelve signs of the zodiac, birthdays, letters of the alphabet and so on.

Elevate Your Style with Our Exclusive In-Store Jewelry Partnership!

We invite you to establish a trading partnership with us and join Guling to take your jewellery products to new heights!

Introduction to the Collaboration Process:

We sincerely invite collaboration with offline in physical marketplaces.

Please provide proof of your store or relevant information. We will dispatch samples to you at the most favorable price, or even free of charge.

Supply a specific quantity, and we will produce and deliver. Due to bulk sales, we use minimalistic packaging for the most cost-effective solution.

We only charge the lowest wholesale prices and provide a pricing sheet for your reference, including wholesale and retail prices, along with other collaboration requirements outlined in the document.

We have not collaborated with any other jewelers at the moment. If you are interested, feel free to reach out at any time! We welcome everyone who shares our passion!

How to get a quote and find out more information?

Please send details of your project by email & We will do everything we can to help you
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Guling ——Born From Nature

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 9am – 9pm

Phone: (+86) 15807603145

Address:  Xinguang TiandiGarden, No.5 Chengnan 5th Road,  Zhongshan, Guangdong, China