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Free Jewelry

Global Original Jewellery Brand

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Event 1: Guling is a new artisanal natural jewelry brand, and we highly value each customer. The first 100 patrons will receive a delightful surprise nestled within their orders.

Event 2: When you spend over $500 USD, we will gift you a piece of nature-inspired jewelry for free for your embrace of Guling’s timeless allure.

Event 3: Free Jewelery Giveaway Event
For every order, we will send you a set of black mini thank you card with the letter “G” in the shell material.
When you’ve collected 5 of these little gifts
You can choose any of your favourite a ring from Gulingshops
Free ring with free shipping

Aim to let you receive more gifts from nature, which you can give to your friends, lovers, relatives, etc. You can also choose to keep it for yourself.
When you have collected all 5 sets, please take a photo of them together and send it to our customer service:
After we review, we will communicate with you and ship your free gift!