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When you love dressing up, there are always some worries that bother you. Such as sizes not fitting well, being too cheap or too expensive, not getting appreciation and attention, hard to match, fading colors, poor quality, allergies, discomfort, and so on. I myself also love fashion, so I’ve been looking for jewelry without these troubles, even thinking about making changes…

Until one day during a beach stroll, we discovered seashells. The unique sheen of shells and the artistic beauty of natural elements inspired our creativity and attempted to address all these problems. And we succeeded!

How Did We Solve It?

Shells endure wind and sun, often forgotten once they’ve served their purpose. We utilize the attractive hues and enduring, fade-resistant qualities found on shells as the primary material for our jewelry. Additionally, we hand-paint designs onto the shells, then fix and seal them with UV resin to protect against the elements, ensuring their permanent presence. This is why our jewelry boasts high quality, remains fade-free, and is also an excellent and affordable choice.

For addressing allergies and ensuring comfort, as well as sizing solutions, we employ naturally designed shell pieces. These undergo machine polishing to smooth and flatten any bumps, then are set with 925 silver findings featuring flexible open designs or extended chains. This approach prevents sharp or protruding edges from causing skin irritation. Additionally, we use safe, natural materials in our production process, ensuring no allergic reactions or discomfort occur.

Because of our unique handmade designs, which blend elements of nature with mystery or personalized custom elements, our jewelry catches people’s attention right away! They admire such unique and never-before-seen designs! They are suitable for any occasion, any outfit, or even for stacking and layering! Perhaps you can take a look at the images at the bottom of our homepage, and you’ll see just how charming these pieces of jewelry are.

Who Made It

GULING was founded in 2023, although we are a new brand, we bring you: new design, new style, new fashion, new taste, new personality & new story.

Thank you for reading our story!
We hope the warmth of natural jewelry brings you more energy!
Guling – Born From Nature

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