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Creative Inspired Designs Born From Nature

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Shell Story

Shells, are magical beings in the world. Not only are they beautiful to look at but they also tell ancient stories. They are one of the owner of the sea. Shells were born and evolved long before humans. In ancient times, some of them were used as precious stones, others were worshipped as “sacred stones”. The shells have been regarded by both Western and Eastern metaphysicians and mystics as possessing mysterious powers and containing the code of the universe, which GULING has ”deciphered” to bring you the energy of happiness, joy and peace.

Our Findings

During a stroll along the beach, we stumbled upon the exquisite beauty of seashells that adorned the shoreline. The unique sheen of these shells sparked inspiration within us. This natural beauty ignited a fresh creative spark for jewelry.

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The conventional jewelry market has become increasingly plagued by imitators and copycats, leading to a growing issue of homogeneity. We aim to infuse the mystery and uniqueness of nature into our creations.


We seek to combine the craftsmanship of our artisans with the beauty of nature, so that each piece represents a commitment to time and brings nature to life.

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You will also experience the pleasure of being part of the creative process. We offer jewellery like you’ve never seen before. We offer fun and heartwarming jewellery for pets, customised names, etc. We hope that our creations will provide you with a deeper emotional connection with the people, pet or things you cherish.

What you get

It’s not just about wearing decorative pieces, it’s about resonating with the beauty of nature & sharing love express. Thank you for reading our story. We hope that our warm natural jewellery will bring you more energy.


GULING -Born From Nature

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