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How To Store Silver Jewelry

How to store silver jewelry? I’ve seen a lot of friends seeking the easiest way to care for their silver jewellery. Especially the last few pointers you’ve never seen before!

how to store silver jewelry
how to store silver jewelry

How to store silver jewelry

  1. Wear every day: the best way to maintain silver jewellery is to wear it every day, because the body’s oils will make the silver emit a warm natural luster. But if someone is said before the body fluids in the silver blackened components, it is not suitable to wear, it is best to choose other materials of jewellery.
  2. Bathing does not wear: do not wear silver jewellery bath, because the water will accelerate the oxidation of silver jewellery, and shower gel, facial cleanser and soap containing sulfur, will also accelerate the oxidation of silver jewellery black.
  3. Stay away from cosmetics: Try to avoid contact with hairspray, perfume, skin care products, sulphur soap, hair dyes, perms and other make-up items.
  4. Stay away from chemicals: Try to avoid contact with vinegar, bleach, correction fluid and other chemicals, etc. Don’t wear them for swimming, especially to play in the sea.
  5. Wear alone: when wearing silver jewellery, do not wear other precious metal jewellery or gemstone jewellery at the same time, in order to avoid collision and deformation or abrasion, which will affect the beauty of wearing.
  6. Insulate the air: usually do not wear to put away, it is best to use a closed pocket. The purpose of doing so can play a role in isolating the air, reduce the chance of oxidation, to prevent the surface of silver or gold jewelry and air contact and oxidation reaction.
silver jewelry store
silver jewelry store

So how to store silver jewelry oxidised blackened or darkened silver jewellery?

The first recommendation is to wipe the silver cloth, wipe the silver cloth are generally high-quality cotton as the base material, in which to add polishing micro-powder, this powder is used to remove stains and maintenance role.

Toothpaste, most people may not prepare a professional silver wash at home, that will teach you a little trick of life – toothpaste. Try to choose a delicate gel toothpaste, wipe the toothpaste directly on the silvery jewelers to wipe, or use a soft toothbrush to gently brush back and forth, and then wash with water, wipe clean with a cotton cloth. At this point you will find that the silver jewellery becomes as bright and white as new.

Finally there is a silver jewelry store tip

Newly bought back the silver jewellery, in its surface coated with a thin layer of transparent nail polish, can make the silver accessories more bright can also avoid contact with the air its black.

Above, we have the need to learn from the reference.


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