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Handmade Clay Necklace Crystal Black



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Handmade Clay Necklace Crystal Black


Designer Debbie makes white crystals with mystical astrological symbols to design the necklace crystal. A handmade design necklace crystal with a stylish look and a white crystal pillar from nature’s natural products, white crystal has the effect of improving concentration, clearing the negative energy, and can also be used with your favorite crystals jewelry to enhance the effect of other crystals! We can feel the necklace crystal’s natural energy to bring about changes in us. The delicate and simple chain allows crystal jewelry to be worn with any style of necklace.

♥ We give a prophetic “gift” with each order! Directing you to what’s about to happen in the next three months. ♥

❗ Since the shells and white crystals are from natural sources, it is normal for the color of each ring or necklace to have slight color differences and variations. Each crystal is a different shape and size! ❗

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Magical White Necklace Crystal

* Each crystal of necklace crystal is a different shape and size.
* Please keep a dry environment to place this best handmade necklace ornament gift. Otherwise stone necklace will easily cause damage.
* Please do not get wet! Take off when exercising, swimming or bathing.

Necklace Crystal Detail

MaterialNatural white crystal & Clay & 925 Silver
Sizecrystal pendant necklace of high length approx: 3 cm
ColorBlack & Transparency
Cleaning methodDry environment, do not get wet

Questions You Most Care

– Production time. Every piece of best jewelry from nature takes time to make. Jewelry requires manual polishing, threading, painting, sealing, etc. It takes time. Trust us, good things are worth waiting for. Generally, the goods will be shipped within 5-8 days after placing the order, and the air freight time is 7-15 days. If you are giving it as a gift, please place your order and inform us in advance, and we will try our best to expedite your order.

-Gift packaging: We use regular packaging by default. If you have any need to give it as a gift or write a blessing letter, please contact us through the online chat window or email before shipping or purchasing. Our website also has exquisite gift box packaging for you to choose from.


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Through our meticulous hand-painting, intricate setting, and sealing processes, we finally present this high-quality, innovative, and exquisite natural jewelry, bringing you a unique charm!

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We give a prophetic "gift" with each order! Directing you to what's about to happen in the next three months.

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