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Stories Beneath The Shell Don’t Miss

Stories Beneath The Shell you must be interested. Don’t believe it? Let’s move on the shell tirp now.

Stories Beneath The Shell Origin

At that time, only the most primitive arthropods, such as trilobites, still existed on earth. But since that time, the shell has existed. Even stories beneath the shell has existed longer than the dinosaurs, which are now extinct, so it is clear that Stories beneath the shell has a long history. Over time, beautiful shells have evolved into a variety of shapes shell beautiful, colors and sizes, becoming an integral part of the marine ecosystem.

stories beneath the shell
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1. The role of beach seashells

Shells provide shelter for small organisms in the ocean and on land, and beautiful shells provide food for other marine organisms. Sea shells, though tiny, play an important ecological role in the marine ecosystem.

beach seashells
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2. Stories beneath the shell Interesting rumors

In the primitive society, the long evolutionary history of mankind, the human exchange method is to exchange things for things, with the development of society, stories beneath the shell has also become a circulation of the existence of money, but also a symbol of wealth. There is another rumor that the mermaids under the sea use the best beach shells as a currency for decoration and circulation. At the same time, it is also the “key” for the mermaids to return to the bottom of the sea from the land. They come from the deep sea, and eventually return to the “humans” on the deep sea land. Take beautiful sea shells and become a mermaid again. Do you want to meet a mermaid?

Mermaid Shells
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3. Current stage of beautiful shells development

Over time, some shells have been washed up on the beach by the waves. These beautiful shells gradually became dry and hard in the sunlight, and later on, they also formed the beach seashells that we commonly see on the beach. people discovered these unique shell selects, and began to use shell energy as decorations, handicrafts, and even a kind of collector’s item.

stories beneath the shell
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This is stories beneath the shell, a microorganism gradually evolved into an integral part of the ocean and the beach. These tiny beach seashells carry the story of the earth’s oceans and have become part of human culture.

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