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We create not the traditional gold and silver jewelry, but natural gemstones brimming with mystery and uniqueness. These jewels hold the profound symbolic meanings of mysticism(For example, the reception of energies such as happiness, financial prosperity, peace, and good fortune.), offering people a magical journey of spiritual dialogue. We focus on crafting exclusively tailored jewelry for you, embedding each piece into your unique story at affordable prices.


Lidio & Becky

Unique Features
High quality; new styles; many varieties; exquisite craftsmanship; nature’s jewelry; adjustable to various sizes and worn in various ways.

We advocate the concept of green environmental protection, use environmentally friendly recyclable packaging. And create value again: the raw materials come from natural shells.

Exclusive Brand
Our brand is currently an exclusive brand and we are the only one in the overseas market. Put an end to counterfeiting and protect consumers’ rights more effectively.

Safe & Quality
Strict quality control and special packaging with cleaning and after-sales instructions make it more elegant and fashionable. The sense of responsibility for pursuing excellence is immersed in brand works, craftsmanship and service quality.

Customized Services
We offer a custom jewellery service!!!! Through in-depth communication with the designer, each wearer has the opportunity to participate in the jewellery creation process and create their own nature jewellery. If you have any customized needs, you can contact us at any time, Such as Twelve Constellations, Birthdays, English Alphabet, etc.

Loyal & Reliable
Guling is loyal, reliable and has a good concept of cooperation. We are also very friendly and approachable. We respect every friend and guest equally.

We have great market potential for development, and strength creates quality.

We take the questions and suggestions from our customers very seriously! We create creative solutions for our clients.

Price & Service
GULING offers a wide range of products at affordable prices. It meets the diverse needs of customers. and provide customized services.

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