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We create not the traditional gold and silver jewelry, but natural gemstones brimming with mystery and uniqueness. The handmade jewelry hold the profound symbolic meanings of mysticism(For example, the reception of energies such as happiness, financial prosperity, peace, and good fortune.), offering people a magical journey of spiritual dialogue. We focus on crafting exclusively tailored jewelry for you, embedding each piece into your unique story at affordable prices.


Lidio & Becky

Handmade Jewelry Quality

We take great pride in creating our handmade jewelry, which is all inspired by nature’s elements and crafted with meticulous care.

Each piece tells a unique story and embodies a different moment in time. Our shell materials are sourced ethically and produced sustainably. In our process, we carefully select beautiful shell pieces, then paint them with metallic liquids, allowing the colors to dry before embedding them with 925 silver components onto the shells.

Finally, a UV resin is applied as a protective layer, resulting in the creation of these intricate handmade jewelry crafts.

About Designer

After resigning to reboot the next phase of life, I embarked on an island journey to unwind, strolling through the islands, indulging in the lazy holiday under the liberating sun.

Upon my return, determined to pursue the handmade design I’ve always dreamed of, I decided to immortalize the beautiful holiday memories, incorporating elements of nature such as the sun, moon, stars, marine life, and mysterious symbols into my creations. Combining crystals and imported Czech beads, I bring forth a casual and lazy exotic island vibe. Each hand-drawn pattern on the handmade ornaments carries a unique “warmth.”

We aspire to convey the beauty and energy of nature through each piece of jewelry to the wearer. We hope that you can wear jewelry that is both warm and unique, which will be the driving force for me to persist in it!

Unique & Tested

GULING Jewelry designs are personalized, suitable for everyone, and perfect for every occasion. We aspire for our designs to truly become your own.

Whether it’s a personalized name handmade jewelry expressing your individuality or a gift engraved with your children’s , lover’s, family, or pet’s names, we offer unique products for everyone. The concept of stands the test of time. Our diverse range of jewelry styles is timeless, enduring, and durable.